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Gluten free snack - Avocado & ground seed rice cake

Published 21 September, 2006

How many times during the day do you think "Ooh, I could do with a snack"?

And how many times is finding a satisfying, healthy gluten free snack just too much hassle?

Well here's a goodie...

Avocado & ground seed gluten free snack

I hate rice cakes. I hate the fact that I have to eat them, and I hate that they explode when I try to eat them. But then I came across Kallo rice cakes, which are altogether a better behaved snack. So I'm living with it.

So you need...

Rice cakes (duh)
An avocado
A lemon
2 spring onions (scallions / green onions), thinly sliced
Ground pepper
Something fresh for the top - cucumber, watercress, lettuce...

How to make ground seeds
A jar of ground seeds - ok, ok, not so easy. But not so hard either. Get a jar, fill it with half flax seeds (linseeds), a quarter sunflower seeds and a quarter pumpkin seeds. Blend them in a small chopper until they are the consistency of bread crumbs.

(These ground seeds are not only tasty, but a tablespoon a day gives you a good natural helping of your essential omega fatty acids. Keep em in the fridge in the jar and sprinkle them on your cereals, rice cakes, soup, whatever.)

How to construct your gluten free snack

Mash up the avocado with the sliced onions, lemon juice and pepper to taste. Mix in about a tablespoon of the ground seeds. Spread on the rice cakes and top with your chosen salad veg.

One medium sized avocado will make you 4 chunky rice cakes - more like a gluten free meal than a gluten free snack I guess.

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