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Gluten free recipe - Seared tuna with rice noodles

Published 7 September, 2006

I used to think fresh tuna was pointless - dry, chewy and tasteless. Then I tasted some that had been cooked properly. The trick is to sear it quickly on a really hot pan for no more than 2 minutes per side so that it stays pink in the middle. That way you get a tender, juicy, tasty piece of fish.

That said, I don't think we'll be having much tuna in the future. What with the mercury and limited stocks of tuna fish, the downsides kind of outweight the upsides I reckon.

So now I've sold you on the idea (!), onto today's gluten free recipe...

Seared tuna

Rub a little salt and pepper into both sides of the tuna steak, then a little olive oil. You can also rub with balsamic vinegar or add it when it's searing - it adds a nice sharpness.

If you do your tuna on a ribbed griddle you'll get those fancy black lines on it which look smart. :-)

Rice noodles

Prepare the rice noodles like it says on the packet - usually popping them into hot water and letting them sit for 3-4 minutes. Then mix up:
A couple of desert spoons of chopped pickled ginger
Thinly sliced spring onions
Half a finely shredded red chilli (or more if you like it hot)
A couple of teaspoons of sesame oil
Half a teaspoon fish sauce
Some thinly sliced spicy greens like pak choi or watercress

Mix it all up and stir it into your noodles. Pop the noodles onto a hot plate and cunningly balance your tuna on top. There, looks nice, tastes not half bad.

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