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Gluten free diet letter to Spanish speaking hotel

Published 3 September, 2009

As winter draws ever closer here on the West Coast of Scotland (and appears to have started, actually), my thoughts have turned to escape to Mallorca where we often go at this time of year.

This year, we're taking a bit of a punt on going half board - mostly to get a real holiday without all the cooking, but of course it introduces a risk in terms of getting gluten free food.

To minimize the danger of going hungry, we're going to an aparthotel which has cooking facilities in the rooms, so if gluten free options are limited, we've got some fallback.

But I also want to make eating gluten free as safe and as reliable as possible, so I asked a Spanish friend to translate a letter to the hotel explaining the gluten free diet.

I thought you might like to have the letter yourselves, in case you're going on vacation to Spain or a Spanish-speaking country in South America, so I've published it on the site:
Gluten free diet translation for Spanish speaking hotel

There's also a pdf of the letter on there, which you can take to put on your own blog, website or social network if you do such things.

Pdf version to print or for your website

Me, I can't wait to spend leisurely hours picking and choosing gluten free food from a pre-prepared buffet with no more effort than walking over and deciding what to have. Question is; swim first, or after? Hmmm.... ;)

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