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Deep fill sweet potato, tuna and roast pepper tortilla

Published 4 April, 2009

Years ago, when we were travelling in New Zealand, we visited a cafe in Little River on the Banks Peninsular near Christchurch. Filled with local arts and crafts, the cafe also did a deep-filled sweet potato tortilla, which Gluten Free Wifie enjoyed several times (on different visits ;-)

This tortilla has become part of legend, until recently, when ducks eggs became accepted to my insides again, and I decided to give the mighty tortilla a try.

Being somewhat of a construction project, the tortilla is still a work in progress, but I'm going to keep at it until I've got a reliable recipe you can use. (Gluten free wifie claims it's already good, but I'm a stickler for these things and I haven't quite got the appearance or the flavour right yet).

That said, the current attempt is in the oven right now, so by the end of this post we may have a successful formula! (Yippee! You can see from the pics we have a working recipe! :-)

Sweet potato, tuna and roast pepper tortilla
1 kg sweet potatoes, sliced lengthways 1cm (thin 1/2 inch)
Handful parsley, finely chopped
Tablespoon capers, finely chopped
1 red roast red pepper, sliced
6 eggs, beaten
2 tins tuna in brine, drained
Salt and pepper

Preheat your oven to 180C.

To roast your red pepper, hold over a gas flame until the skin is blackened then put in a plastic bag for 5 minutes. The charred skin will then rub off easily. You can blacken your pepper under the grill if you don't have a gas flame.

Cook the sweet potatoes in a covered container in the microwave for 5-6 minutes or until just cooked - you don't want mushy sweet potatoes! Remove and lay out to cool a little and steam off some moisture.

Grind a good amount of salt and pepper into your beaten egg, and mix in the parsley.

Line an 8-inch cake tin with baking parchment.

Put the still warm sweet potatoes into the egg and gently mix round with your hands. Place a layer of sweet potatoes into the bottom of your cake tin. Sprinkle over one tin of tuna, half the capers, half the roast red pepper. Then do another layer of sweet potatoes, tuna, capers and pepper. Finish with a layer of sweet potatoes.

Pour over the egg mixture and give your tin a wee shoogle (translation: shake it a bit) to get the egg through the whole tortilla.

Bake in the oven for 45 mins - 1 hour, or until the centre of the tortilla reaches 65-70C, at which point the egg will be cooked. Let cool a little then cut into wedges.

I think that the flavour is still a little lacking, and that perhaps a smoked fish or ham would be better in place of the tuna. I've also made it with cooked sprigs of broccoli, which gives a nice effect when cut through.

Phew. A bit of a mission, but worth it - and this recipe will feed 4 for a good sized lunch.

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