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Spicy crispy polenta fish

Published 19 May, 2007

Our pal Stew came to visit recently and with the fishing season newly started, and our wee boat in the water nice and early, Stew and I hit the waves to catch dinner. Gluten free food wifie was in the blocks for a backup dash to the fishmonger.

But (amazingly), our luck was in and we boated several pollack, one large enough to feed a family of six. So home he came with us for dinner.

Stew had just returned from visiting friends in Goa (oh, he does get about). The Goans know a little bit about fish, and the classic way of cooking it over there is to smear over some curry paste then deep fry it, so we decided to have a go.

We keep a fantastic gluten free thai curry paste in the fridge so we added a little oil to make it spread, cut the pollack into steaks, and marinaded it for a couple of hours.

Then the fish was seasoned, tossed in polenta and dropped into about half a centimetre of hot oil. The steaks were about 2cm thick, and so we cooked it for about 3 minutes per side.

The finished item was beautiful - spicy, crunchy and full of flavour. It seems that coating fish in polenta is a great way to get that elusive deep-fried fish effect in a gluten free style.

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