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Secretory IgA Test (SIgA) Review

Published 19 April, 2007

As part of my first nutritionist appointment, I had to complete a secretory IgA test. Secretory IgA (part of the immune system) levels are often raised in people with coeliac disease, it says here.

Anyway, the SIgA test is pleasantly painless. All you do is avoid putting anything in your mouth for half an hour, then rinse your mouth out with water and 5 minutes later provide 2ml of saliva.

The test I did was postal and had to be returned within 24 hours. It went off today, so I should know what my secretory IgA levels are next week. How exciting! (I know, I should get a life).

This is the secretory Iga test I used

Result: I learnt why secretory IgA levels are so important - apparently SIgA is the immune system's only non-inflammatory response to pathogens. So in other words, if you have good levels, your immune system can respond without adding to your inflammation burden, which if you've got food intolerances, is already likely to be unhealthily high.

Fortunately, my SIgA turned out to be fine :)

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