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Quick dairy-free rice pudding

Published 28 May, 2007

As well as the gluten free food freak, our wee one is still dairy-free because we discovered dairy was what was giving her eczema. So tonight Gluten Free Food Wifie decided to whip up a dairy free rice pudding so all the family can enjoy it. Better still, it was made in a pan, so it's pretty quick and easy.

Quick gluten free, dairy free rice pudding

50g pudding rice (not arborio rice as we accidentally used! ;-)
250ml gluten free rice milk (don't use Rice Dream, it has barley in it)
1/2 cinammon stick (or 1 tsp ground cinammon)
1 star anise (optional)
1-2 tsp honey
Small grate nutmeg (optional)
3 tsps ground almonds

Put everything except honey and nutmeg in a pan, bring to boil and simmer very gently for 18-20 minutes, checking regularly you aren't running out of liquid. Add honey and nutmeg to taste. Add the almonds - this will help make it less sugary and lower the GI. Once done, add a little more liquid to create a nice creamy finish.

You can make this dariy-free rice pudding while cooking your main dish - it's a luxurious pudding the family will love.

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