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Moroccan Beetroot & Chickpea Soup

Published 21 May, 2007

Due to a nifty bit of packaging by Tesco's, I thought the beetroot was local. (The trick was they were in a bundle with no packaging at all, looking all dead 'farmy'). But whether from Spain or Southend, the beetroots needed cooking, and in a gluten free style.

On a lazy Sunday, Gluten Free Food Wifie leapt into the fray, gripped the beetroots by their stalks and announced that a beetroot soup was to be made.

An hour or so later, we enjoyed the most delicious gluten free beetroot soup, a soup so red the baby called it ice cream, and so tasty that I called it nectar. Here's how she did it...

Gluten free beetroot & chickpea soup

1 clove garlic, chopped
2 red onions, roughly chopped
4 sweet potatoes (small/medium), peeled & chopped
5 beetroots, peeled & chopped
100g red lentils
2 pints chicken stock (veg will do)
1 * 400g tin chickpeas
Tbsp cumin
3 tbsp olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Finely chopped chives (optional)

Saute garlic and onions in the olive oil until clear, then add cumin sweet potatoes and beetroots. Fry gently for another 5 minutes, stirring. Add chicken stock and lentils, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Season to taste. Blend until smooth. Add chickpeas and lemon juice and heat through. Serve with chives and a swirl of cream or yoghurt.

This beetroot soup was so good, baby and I had to have another bowl half way through the afternoon, and we had it cold. Beautiful. Previous beetroot soups I have had have been too earthy tasting, or relied on sharpness to cut through the earthiness of the beetroot. This gorgeous gluten free soup is sweet, filling and the flavours are just amazing. I really, really recommend you give it a go.

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