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More Brilliant Gluten Free Baby Food - Tomato, Mushroom and Chicken Spaghetti

Published 16 September, 2006

The gluten free food freak was out fishing for mackerel, so tonight's tea was an indulgence involving a few of the things he can't eat (except gluten as the baby is gluten free for now). While the cat's away and all that....

Hardly an outrageous meal by most people's standards - Tomato, Mushroom and Chicken Spaghetti, but tomatoes, mushrooms, vinegar and the secret ingredient, miso are all big no-no's. Husband did the www.yorktest.com food allergy test and discovered a whole shopping trolley of other things he can't eat (after gluten that is). But the upside is he's much better, but as usual, I digress. Onto the recipe.

First, chop 2 onions and 1 clove of garlic. Saute gently in olive oil for 10 to 15 minutes without browning, until soft and translucent. Add a tin of organic tomatoes, bring to the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile, fry a load of organic mushrooms in olive oil (or coconut oil) and add some sage and thyme (or whatever other fresh herbs you have). Don't add too much herbs or the flavours will be overpowering.

Cook your spaghetti - we have Schar at the moment - in loads of boiling water and a splash of olive oil to prevent it sticking. I've discovered the key to cooking gluten free pasta is to follow the instructions to the letter. Too short a time and it will be chewy and too long and it will be mush - the window is short, so use a timer.

I should have mentioned this earlier, but I used left-over roast chicken, so I spent some of my waiting around time stripping the meat from the bones and making stock from the carcus. We always use chicken carcusses to make gluten free stock as even a bad batch is infinitely better than the best dried stock (which are often full of yeast, another no-no for the gluten free food freak). To make gluten free stock, fill up a huge pan with water add some fresh herbs and a few fragrant veg - today I used sage, thyme, onions and swede aka turnip and a leek, and will boil it for a good few hours.

I decided to go freestyle on the tomato sauce and added a few shakes of gluten free Worcester sauce, a splash of balsamic vinegar and a small packet of instant miso. All of these are entirely optional though! Add a few ripped fresh basil leaves to the tomato sauce, and stir in the mushrooms and chicken. Take a little of this mix and blend for the baby. Drain your pasta and serve with the blended sauce if you're a baby, or the lumpy sauce if you're a gluten free food wifie. Make sure the baby is not wearing her best white clothes, as EVERYTHING will be tomato coloured by the end of the meal. Luckily, there was enough sauce left to blend 2 good sized portions to put in the freezer for baby's lunch one day.

Husband will have to fend for himself when he comes home!

Extra: Husband came home with a decent haul of mackerel and a big pollack. He had fried sweet potato, broccolli and fresh mackerel (tossed in seasoned rice flour). Tasty!

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