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Gluten free mayonnaise recipe

Published 25 May, 2007

Have you noticed how much stuff they stick in mayonnaise? Working out if what you're getting is gluten fre mayonnaise or gluten-laden artifical paste can be tricky. That's why we tend to make our own mayo - and this recipe is really quick and easy. None of us have half an hour to spend separating eggs and hand whisking. We want gluten free mayonnaise and we want it now!

Gluten free mayonnaise recipe

1 whole egg
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
1/2 tsp salt
300ml sunflower oil (you can use olive oil if you like, but you might want to try a mild flavoured one unless you really, really love the taste of olive oil)

Here's the tricky bit. ;)

Put the egg, vinegar and salt into a food processor and turn on. Slowly pour in the oil. The longer you leave the machine on the thicker the mayo will get.

And that's it. Gluten free mayonnaise at the drop of a hat.

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