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Gluten free lunch recipe - super quick & easy

Published 20 October, 2006

Gluten free lunch nightmare!

Imagine it... you're working hard all morning. It's 4 hours since lunch. You come out of your computer trance and... You're STARVING!

You dash to the kitchen in a desperate hunt for gluten free goodies and aaaaaarrrrgh... no food!

Luckily, gluten free wifie is close at hand and a quick wail of "I'm huuuungry" yields a marvellously creative gluten free lunch recipe...

Sweet potato and mackerel mash

Now this is tasty. I wasn't sure when Lyndsay suggested it but, as usual, the girl was right.

3 small sweet potatoes
1 tin mackerel in brine
Olive oil
Freshly gound black pepper
Fresh greenery - herbs, rocket, watercress, whatever you've got, roughly chopped.

Here's how easy this gluten free recipe is:

Microwave the sweet potatoes. 2 mins each should do it. Cut in half along the length and scoop the hot potato into a bowl. Add the mackerel, thrown in the herbs, add a couple of glugs of olive oil and some pepper and mash the whole lot together.

And if you're not banned from it by a food allergy like I am (grrr...), you can grill some grated cheese over it.

That is one tasty, and super quick gluten free lunch recipe I'll be making again.

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