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Gluten free lunch recipe - rice salad

Published 7 September, 2006

I work from home, and there's nothing worse than coming to lunchtime without any ready-to-go gluten free goodies to fuel my afternoon's efforts, so it's great when there's a big bowl of something tasty in the fridge. And it's not bad if there's some rice salad. ;-)

Here's what I do:

Boil up some rice (for health go for brown, for lack of chew-like-a-cow-for-hours factor, go for basmati)
Run under cold water until cool.

Add: (any of the below)

Gently fried onion and garlic
Chopped Avocado
Pan roasted nuts like cashews, almonds, etc
Sultanas (good if soaked in warm water for 5 mins first)
Chopped spicy leaves such as rocket or watercress - you can add these when the rice is hot so they sweat down
Chopped fresh spinach
Chopped red or green pepper
Sliced raw mushrooms
Fresh basil
A couple of glugs of oil - olive or something more exotic like Macadamia or Walnut

Make your rice salad big enough and it will keep you in gluten free munchies for 3 days.

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