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Gluten free food Magnetic Island Australia

Published 1 September, 2009

OK, this is a bit off the beaten track, but someday, somewhere, some coeliac will be travelling to Magnetic Island in Australia and will be searching the web for how to get gluten free food there.

And when you look at how small Magnetic Island is, you would imagine that getting gluten free food there would be nigh-on impossible. But then I got this email this morning...

I wish to advise that I bake Gluten-Free products for the Magnetic Island RSL Friday night markets. This is a small market set in amongst paperbarks and more food than other goodies.

I have an intolerance of gluten and many other foods, though am not coeliac per se.

Knowing how difficult it is to find good food for us odd balls, I decided to provide a service to travellers and locals alike at this market.

Magnetic Island is off Townsville in NOrth Queensland Australia. It has a population of approximately 2,500 persons and many more koalas, rock wallabies, possums, curlews etcetera...oh, and echidna.(:

Orders may be made if not staying for the market, so just call me, Barbara, on 0429887448. I also distribute Ganoderma products.

I have been told my gluten-free breads are the best...I have to agree...they are spongy and full of beautiful ingredients, including buckwheat and whatever fillings I lay my hands on at the time(:

C U there...here.

Barbara Gibbs, Magnetic Island, Australia

So there you go - even far out down under celiactravel.com is looking out for you ;-)

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