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Gluten free egg free pancake recipe - high protein

Published 27 August, 2009

(In case you're interested, this pancake recipe is grain free, as well as pretty much everything else free too!)

The search for healthy, gluten free breakfasts is never ending in our house, and I don't mean the 'sugar in disguise' lighter-than-a-feather burn-like-petrol and poof! it's gone 'breakfast' (although they relly are much easier.

No, I'm lookig for something much more hearty in a breakfast for my girls, so when I was woken at 6am by the smallest one, I thought the time could be well spent creating a new pancake.

I figured that since pancakes are always hoovered up as fast as I can make them, if I could lever in some goodness, protein and loads of slow-burn energy, that would be a valuable addition to my gluten free breakfast armoury.

And here it is...

High protein, gluten free, grain free pancake recipe

1 cup almond flour (I make my own by blitzing blanched almonds)
Scant 1/2 cup buckwheat
1/2 cup tapioca
1 heaped tsp Orgran no-egg egg replacer
1 flax egg (1 tbsp ground flax with 3 tbsp hot water, left to stand for 3 minutes)
1 tsp sodium bicarb (baking soda)
1 1/2 cup water
1 tbs maple syrup

Mix the dry ingredients together, then add a cup of water, the egg replacer, flax egg and maple syrup. Mix, then keep adding water until you have a fairly runny batter. Let it stand for a couple of minutes and it will thicken slightly - then water it down again.

What you're going for here is a crepe-style pancake, which has the added benefit of cooking quickly. And even once they've been smothered in jam, syrup and goodness knows what else, you can rest assured that lurking in the background is a hefty belt of nutritious protein and fat that will keep them going all morning. Once they've eaten half a dozen that is.

This allergy-free pancake recipe is going on our list of regulars, to be consumed by gluten free types and normal folks too. ;)

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