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Gluten free, egg free, dairy free waffle recipe

Published 24 May, 2009

I know the waffle is part of the American psyche, but here in the UK I reckon the pancake is the lead sweet breakfast player. And in our gluten free household, waffles hadn't graced the table in decades.

Until my birthday that is. When Gluten Free Wifie presented me with a gorgeous wee waffle iron that makes heart-shaped waffles. Cute :)

So I've been messing around with gluten free (and egg free and dairy free) waffle recipes. Those I've found on the web have been pretty complicated so this morning, I tried simplifying. Here's how...

Gluten free waffle recipe

1 cup Doves Plain Gluten Free Flour
Large 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
3 tbsp agave syrup (maple syrup will do)
Large 1/2 tsp sodium bicarb (baking soda)
3 tbsp walnut oil (use whatever oil you like)
1 tbsp Orgran egg replacer
1/2 tsp salt
Rice milk or water

Add enough liquid to the dry mix to make the waffle batter thick enough to just heap up a bit as you spoon it onto the waffle iron.

Now trying a new gluten free waffle recipe first thing in the morning is a risky strategy. If it goes wrong, you've got a 15 minute turnaround to get the next batch ready, and that makes for grumpy, waffle-demanding ankle-biters.

Happily, this recipe turned out perfectly. Next on the development list is a healthier, lower-GL gluten free waffle. Time for the nuts!

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