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Gluten Free Chocolate On Test

Published 27 September, 2006

Gluten free chocolate is a must. Some people consider chocolate unhealthy because of the caffeine and theobromine (the chemical that can give dogs heart attacks!) but I say they're all wrong. Chocolate is an essential component of a healthy diet! Period.

Here are 5 gluten free chocolates put to blind taste test by a panel of independent, discerning chocoholics; me, the gluten free food freak aka the husband, the sister in law and her fella.

First equal = Oban Chocolate Company Belgian 70% chocolate and Valrhona Green
Montezuma organic 70% chocolate (it's also soya free)
Valrhona Orange
Green and Blacks 70% chocolate

We were interested in; mouthfeel, initial taste, after taste and more-ishness.

Valrhona is hard to come by, but it's the chocolate of choice of many celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsay so we had high hopes for it. It did indeed tie for first place with our friend's chocolate from the Oban Chocolate Company (please believe me that this was genuinely independant!), because both were equally good albeit with very different tastes. Also, we thought the Valrhona was too strongly and uniquely flavoured to be a regular guzzle.

The Montezuma chocolate is great and they do a fine line in big bars filled with fruit or nuts or other goodies - and all gluten free (except one or two, which are well marked)! The other Valrhona was good but bizarrely fruity, kind of like orange sultannas. And the ubiquitous Green and Blacks came in at the rear, but's a great storecupboard chocolate for cooking and such like.

We're off to the sister in law's wedding this weekend, and because of their chocolate fetish, we arranged for giant gluten free chocolate truffles - the size of a tennis ball - to be made for each guest. I will let you know how these go down with the guests, but I suspect they will be much revered. You can buy gluten free chocolate here - just make sure you remind Helen to only include gluten free chocolate as there are a couple of chocolates that aren't gluten free (but 99% of them are gluten free, so there are still plenty to choose from).

So, feed your inner chocoholic gluten free chocolate and let someone else do the worrying about whether it's good for you!

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