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Dairy free ice cream recipe

Published 8 July, 2009

Before we begin, may I suggest that you head over to Karina's Kitchen and gorge yourself on the delights you'll find there. I follow Karina on Twitter to make sure I don't miss one of her gluten free, dairy free, often grain free super-deicious recipes.

This dairy free ice cream is one of them.

You'll see the full recipe over at Karina's site, but here's the way I did it:

1) I used coconut milk
2) I used organic rapeseed oil where she asked for olive oil as it's very mild, and quite buttery in flavour
3) I left out the rum. Just felt I ought to, seeing as the toddlers would be the main recipients!

Ice cream has been a problem food in this house since Gluten Free Wifie discovered her rather serious dairy intolerance last year. She's been feeling much better, but grumpier, due to no ice cream.

So we've done a few experiments on the dairy free ice cream front, some more successful than others. I even made some with sweet potatoes and vegetable oil. How do you spell Blaaaarg!?

When I saw Karina tweet this recipe, I could tell it had been carefully developed. The addition of the xanthan gum in interesting, and if it does the same thing as it does to a baking mix, I think I can see why it's in there.

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