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Dairy free cream / milk replacement

Published 13 January, 2008

Being dairy free can be a pain sometimes, not least when you want to add that little bit of richness to something like a soup. Today, it struck me that a nut milk might do the trick to add some creaminess to a slicy butternut soup, so I blended up some cashew nuts with water until smooth.

Oh, and how creamy it is. A little bit of water leaves you with whipped cream, a bit more and you have full fat milk, then a bit more and you've got semi-skimmed. It will be good for fillings in pastries, cream in soups (and anywhere else you need it) and as (highly nutritious, calcium rich) milk for cereals in the morning.

Your dairy free cream and milk replacer recipe

Some cashew nuts

Stick your cashews in a nut chopper, add a bit of water and blitz until smooth. Add more water to get to your desired consistency.

Putting it in a milk jug enhances the effect ;) I need not mention it's gluten free too.

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