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Chickpea flour (gram) flatbread update

Published 30 April, 2008

Having run into the house from a successful boat launch this morning (oh yes, oh yes, fast boat, new fishing season :) ), I was at a loss as to what to grab for lunch before heading to the office.

And then I remembered - Chickpea flatbreads in the freezer! It was a while ago I blogged the original Gram flour flatbread recipe, so I thought it worth bringing this to your attention again.

As demo'd above, making a double sized batch of these and freezing a load (between sheets of baking parchment works well), means you have a snack you can easily grab. And the fact that they are full of oil and protein means they're properly filling too and won't just evaporate in your tum.

I also made an change to the flatbread recipe and put half a clove of minced garlic in instead of the coriander. Stuff a salad into a box and with a couple of these, you've got lunch.

Let me know your gram flatbread experiences / variations by leaving a comment - these babies could run and run! :)

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