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Brainstorming gluten free food ideas

Published 25 October, 2006

Coming up with gluten free food ideas used to be a major pain for us - and since my discovery of my food allergies it has just got worse.

But we discovered that we're both happier when the ideas for gluten free food are in place ahead of time, so now we do meal planning well ahead of time. And the funny thing is, life in general is not only less stressful when the next gluten free meal is planned, but the act of planning meals itself is really enjoyable.

Planning gluten free food ideas

How does the saying go "fail to prepare and you pail to frefare" or something. Hey, that almost makes sense.

Mmm... anyway, all we do is get out 4 or 5 cook books, grab a cup of tea each and start turning the pages. The rule is - if I can eat it, we have to make it. That gets round any faffing and ensures you make new and interesting gluten free meals. We have other rules like red meat only once a week and fish as often as possible, but there's no reason why you should give a monkey about that.

Once the meals are chosen, we write on front page of the kitchen pad the gluten free recipe name and add the ingredients to the shopping list. Then, whenever someone hits the supermarket, the gluten free meals are shopped for and ready to be whipped up come 5pm. (Any later and the baby goes off at the deep end).

The moral is, gluten free food ideas should not be left until the last minute, unless you want stress, disappointment and ultimately, divorce.

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