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Apricot Slices - Gluten Free Biscuits to Die For

Published 18 April, 2007

Feeling a bit yummy mummy, I made some Gluten Free Biscuits for a local mums and toddler group fund-raiser. Not just gluten free, but no refined sugar, dairy-free, egg free and soya-free. How right-on did I feel! My smugness started when a young boy with severe autism (following a strict gluten free diet) was actually able to join in the feasting, a rare and welcome treat for both him and his carer. Even the wheat eaters enjoyed this Apricot Slice - this recipe is not just for the gluten free food freaks! To top it all, a young mum with assorted food intolerances bought up all the remaining slices to take home for the freezer (which I later found only lasted until the next day as she and her family scoffed the lot!)

I recommend you make double as you will be so chuffed with this gluten free biscuit recipe that you'll be wanting more.

Apricot Slices
285g dried apricots
180ml water
1 tsp lemon rind
115g dairy free marg (or butter)
1 tbsp molasses (an amazing nutrient rich unrefined sugar syrup)
115g gluten free flour
1 tsp cinnamon
225g buckwheat flakes
55g sunflower seeds

Heat the oven to 200oC

Chop the apricots and place in pan with the water, and heat gently. Simmer on a low heat until most of the water has been absorbed. Add the lemon rind. Either mash or use a hand blender to make a smooth paste. If it's too stiff to spread, add a little more water.

Place the margarine (or butter) and the molasses in a medium sized pan and melt over a low heat.

Take off the heat, and add the flour, cinnamon, flakes, sunflower seeds and two tablespoons of the apricot mixture, and mix by hand until combined (although it will be crumbly).

Spread half of this crumbly mix into an flat baking tray (Swiss roll), and press down firmly. Spread the apricot mixture evenly over this and top it with the remaining crumbly mix. Press well to firm and flatten. If your tray is too big for the amount of crumbly mixture i.e. your first base layer is below say 6mm, then heap the layer up leaving some space at the end of the tray, and shape a neat line with your hands - you can square off the end when you add the final top layer.

Bake the slices for 20-25 minutes until firm and golden brown. Cut into 12 or so squares while warm and allow the slices to cool in the tin. If you know a better gluten free biscuit recipe, be sure and let me know!

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