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Coeliac Societies (English)

Australia - South
Australia - NSW
Australia - Queensland
Australia - Tasmania
Canada - Ontario
Czech Republic
UK Coeliac Society
USA Celiac Society

Coeliac Disease Research

Gluten sensitivity - a many-headed hydra
The widening spectrum of Celiac Disease

Coeliac Societies

Canada - Quebec

Coeliac Forums /
Discussion Groups

These can be handy to get local knowledge before you set out on a trip:
US Celiac Forum
UK Coeliac Forum
Spanish Coeliac Forum
The Gluten Free Message Board
The Gluten Free Message Board (Archives)

Travel / Vacation websites

Getting gluten free food in Australia
Gluten Free Guidebook
Lonely Planet
Rough Guides
Bob and Ruths
Gluten Free Holidays
Gluten Free Restaurants and Hotels in the UK
Celiac Ranch
Gluten free directory UK
Wagamama restaurant gluten free food
Paris Survival Tips
Italy gluten free restaurants
Italy gluten free ice cream shops
Chateau de Villars
US restaurants
More US restaurants and gluten free food sources
Gluten Free New York
Go Gluten-Free Wheat-Free
Costa Teguise
Gluten free restaurants in Spain
Gluten free crewed 46 sailing catamaran in the British Virgin Islands

Gluten Free Food Sites

UK - Glutafin
UK - GF Bread
UK - Trufree
UK - Gluten Free Foods Direct
UK - Gluten Free Foods
UK - Leeoras Gluten Free Ready Meals
Specialty Diet and Allergy Resource Directory
Full list of UK gluten free foods
Johnson's dietary - allergy free foods
Grain-free living

Other Food Related Sites

UK - Food Standards Agency
Food Nutritional Content


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