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There are tons of gluten free recipes here, plus other stuff related to gluten free travel and generally being out and about as a coeliac. You'll also catch my updates at Twitter.

Gluten free pate - spinach and cashew

Published 6 February, 2007

Handy to keep in the fridge, the flavour comes mainly from the nutmeg.

Gluten free coconut sorbet

Published 6 February, 2007

You'll need an ice cream maker, or patience and a timer, but it's tasty dairy-free stuff.

Gluten free spaghetti with hazlenut and lemon sauce

Published 4 February, 2007

This is a super-quick gluten free spaghetti recipe - and super-healthy too. It happens to be vegetarian too.

You'll obviously need your own gluten free spaghetti - my favourite is Schar - it's pretty much indistinguishable from normal dry spaghetti.

Then, for the sauce...

1 lemon - rind... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Cake Recipe - Kid’s Party Cup Cakes

Published 4 February, 2007

I knew there was an urgent need to find a gluten free cake recipe when my 19 month old daughter got a banana whilst all her nursery buddies got chocolate cake. Talk about unfair! So, here is a gluten, egg, dairy and soya free cake recipe for all those food freaks out there!

You can freeze... Continue Reading

Gluten free avocado salsa recipe

Published 22 January, 2007

There's nothing surprising about a gluten free avocado salsa, but this is a nice variation on the usual guacamole approach...

Gluten free avocado salsa

1 avocado, diced to about .5 - 1 cm cubes
Half cucumber, diced same
Handful basil, chopped
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Good helping fresh ground... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Chinese Sweet and Sour Pork

Published 22 January, 2007

In an attempt to fulfill a desire to have take-away tasting Chinese food, we stumbled upon a recipe which we adapted to be gluten free. I can guarantee this is better than anything you'll get in most take-away restaurants. Serves 2. This takes less time to make from scratch than it takes... Continue Reading

No cook gluten free chocolate recipe - Chocolate Cherry Nut Cake

Published 22 January, 2007

OK, so this isn't strictly baking as nothing gets baked, but it's kind of the same genre, no?

Gluten free biscuit recipe - Double Chocolate and Vanilla Shortbread

Published 22 January, 2007

Is it illegal to put chocolate in shortbread? It may be here in Scotland, but if you don't tell anyone I reckon we'll get away with it ;-)

Gluten Free Pate Recipe - Chicken & Walnut

Published 25 December, 2006

Seriously scrumptious and luxurious spread this one.

Gluten Free Dip Recipe - Butterbean & Thyme

Published 25 December, 2006

A real cracker - I spread it on stuff, or quite often just eat it by the spoonful :-)

Easy Lentil Dal Recipe

Published 25 December, 2006

Lentil dal, being naturally gluten free is a great option for coeliacs. It's also an excellent choice to make a huge amount of and freeze, for quick meals whenever you're pushed for time or just can't be bothered cooking again.

This lentil dal recipe is one of the easier ones we use, and is... Continue Reading

Gluten free baked beans recipe

Published 30 November, 2006

Ah baked beans. Long have I been banished from your door by the spectre of food allergy. But now you are back, without the offending tomatoes, and how I welcome thee.

What am I on about I hear you think. Well you know, there's nothing wrong with a little drama to add spice to this evening's... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Mincemeat Recipe - Spicy Carrot and Sherry Gluten Free Mince Meat PLUS Gluten Free Suet

Published 28 November, 2006

It's coming up to the festive season and now's a good time to make some gluten free mince meat, ready to make mince pies, or stuff big bramley apples ready to be baked in the oven or microwave.

Gluten Free Mincemeat - Spicy Carrot and Sherry
225g cooking apples (bramley), peeled and cored and... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Recipe - Lamb Loin with Spicy Quinoa and Apricot Mint Sauce

Published 28 November, 2006

I had a packet of pork loin in the fridge that was destined for another recipe, which I didn't fancy, so I adapted a lamb recipe and came up trumps with a rather tasty gluten free recipe.

Lamb (or Pork) Loin with Spicy Quinoa and Apricot Mint Sauce
(the original recipe calls for Couscous but... Continue Reading

Yummy Gluten Free Recipe - Rather Tasty Burgers

Published 22 November, 2006

There are more burger recipes than there are grains of sand on Oban beach, so this is my version of a gluten free recipe loved by young and old - beef burgers.

Rather Tasty Beef Burgers

4 teaspoons chickpea (gram) flour
450g minced beef
1 tablespoon whole coriander seeds plus 3/4 teaspoon whole... Continue Reading

Super Gluten Free Soup - Tomato and Pesto Soup

Published 22 November, 2006

I noticed the local supermarket had a special offer on some fancy expensive fresh soup, and was reminded of a lovely gluten free soup I used to make. So off I scooted home to make some Tomato and Pesto soup from scratch, for about 25% of the cost and 125% of the taste.

Gluten Free Soup -... Continue Reading

Gluten free flapjack recipe

Published 18 November, 2006

Flapjacks ... remember them? Oaty and sweet and soooo moreish. I'm hoping this attempt at a gluten free flapjack will fill the hole left by Mum's oat flapjack. We'll see...

Gluten free flapjack recipe

180g rice flour
2 tsp gluten free baking powder
75g rice flakes (we used brown rice flakes... Continue Reading

Gluten Free Cranberry Sauce - Not Just for Christmas!

Published 16 November, 2006

Here's a super quick super tasty gluten free cranberry sauce recipe. Much nicer (and safer) than the shop bought variety (which are generally more like jam than sauce).

Gluten Free Cranberry Sauce

300g fresh cranberries
100g sugar
200ml fresh orange juice

Bring all the ingredients to a simmer... Continue Reading

Gluten free chilli sauce - hellish homemade heat

Published 16 November, 2006

I had to wrestle the recipe for this gluten free chilli sauce from Gluten Free Wifie's fingers - bottles of this go for a premium around these parts - usually a night's babysitting or some similar valuable contribution. She doesn't give it out easily so shhhhh...

Gluten Free Chilli Sauce

250... Continue Reading

Gluten free minced beef parcels

Published 16 November, 2006

Here's a tasty and fancy little recipe we whip up from time to time. Minced beef parcels - gluten free naturally - wrapped in cabbage. And usually dipped in some of the Gluten Free Food Wifie's nasty, nasty gluten free chilli sauce.

Gluten free minced beef parcels

1 savoy cabbage
2 cloves... Continue Reading

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