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Food allergies

Published 16 October, 2006

My apologies for not posting any gluten free recipes for the last few days, but I've been working on the new food allergies section of the website.

I have discovered this year that my feeling ill a lot of the time was due to food allergy rather than my coeliac disease, and although it has been a long road to overcoming them (and is ongoing), I feel much, much better now. I thought all the research and work I've done on it might be helpful to others who think they might be suffering from a food allergy, so here it is:

Food allergies - my story, from thinking I was a super-sensitive coeliac to knowing I was allergic to some foods
Food allergy treatments - the different approaches and tools I've used
Using a food diary (with downloads) - the food diary could be the most important tool in treating food allergy
Food allergy/coeliac vitamins & supplements - stuff to make you feel better and heal better
Food allergy test - how to get definitive information on what makes you ill

Food allergies were making me feel absolutely horrendous, and having them sorted now is like having someone turn the lights on. I hope this section helps you if you're feeling rough. We'll be back with more recipes soon!

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